Economic and Financial Intelligence (VF-ECOFIN) Dashboard

The VF-ECOFIN dashboard is a suite of graphical presentation of key macroeconomic and financial indicators that are very useful for decision making. The intelligence suite also offers visitors the opportunity to download the underlying data where they need such. In addition to the data download advantage, some of these indicators also contain VF-forecasts of same which has been prepared using relevant algorithms. The charts are on the following indicators:

  1. Inflation (plus inflation forecasts)
  2. Exchange Rates (plus exchange rate forecasts)
  3. Interest Rates (plus interest rate forecasts)
  4. Credit Statistics
  5. Money Supply
  6. Oil prices (plus oil price forecasts)
  7. Capital Market Statistics
  8. Real Estate prices
  9. Selected Commodity Prices
  10. Selected Mineral Prices
  11. Technical and Advanced Statistical Forecasts for All Share Prices