Global Performance Improvement

DecisionFronteira is a performance improvement firm that leverages the techniques of decision optimization, business research/analytics, economic science, process focus and capacity building to provide robust insights that enable decision makers to achieve accelerated and optimized innovation and sustained competitive differentiation.


Training Services

DecisionFronteira-Training is the vehicle for sharing some of our consulting experiences as well as in sharpening the capacities of our consultants

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Consulting Services

Our consulting activities are designed to ensure that solutions that ensue deliver genuine positive performance impacts

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Weekly Reports and Publications

Each week, at least a DecisionFronteira staff writes a well-researched and/or data-garnished article that aids decision-making

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Analytic Round Table

Periodically, we organize roundtables and conferences on Business Analytics. The roundtables were initiated in order

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Data Speak/Data Visualization and Reporting

DecisionFronteira daily nuggets or information graphics (infographics) are well packaged graphic visual representations

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